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05/23/2024 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Indoor GIS for Universities Webinar

The IT Community of IFMA and LandTech Consultants present the May Webinar event!

Get ready to unlock the transformative power of Indoor GIS for Universities with LandTech Consultants’ insightful webinar. With over 30 years of expertise in civil engineering, land surveying, laser scanning, and innovative modeling services, LandTech will showcase how their cutting-edge 3D modeling, BIM capabilities, and machine control modeling solutions can benefit universities through improved design visualization, enhanced project coordination, streamlined construction processes, and significant cost savings. Real-world case studies will highlight LandTech’s ability to deliver accurate 3D models, efficient facility planning, seamless asset management integration, and effective stakeholder collaboration.

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore how LandTech’s Indoor GIS solutions can revolutionize your university’s infrastructure and operations. The webinar promises to be an informative and valuable experience.

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05/05/2024 - 05/07/2024 Facility Fusion Boston!
Facility Fusion Boston!
The Westin Boston Seaport District, Boston Massachusetts

Facility Fusion- an IFMA Conference & Expo

Facility Fusion brings an exhilarating and immersive experience that will leave attendees energized and inspired. Engaging sessions, led by industry trailblazers and visionaries, will ignite powerful discussions, foster collaboration, and fuel innovative thinking. The conference will provide exclusive networking opportunities that set the stage for forging remarkable connections and lifelong friendships. Attendees will also partake in captivating activities, invigorating workshops, and high-impact team-building exercises that will ignite their all-around personal and professional growth.

IFMA’s Facility Fusion® Conference & Expo will help you:

  • Build on personal and organizational strengths
  • Identify beneficial areas for improvement
  • Clear hurdles preventing progress
  • Become a more visible, inspiring leader
  • Set the example for others to follow
  • Position yourself and your organization for growth.

Register today and we hope to see you in Boston!

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03/06/2024 - 03/07/2024 World Workplace Europe - Rotterdam, Netherlands!
World Workplace Europe - Rotterdam, Netherlands!
Schiecentrale, 3024 EA Rotterdamn

The Largest Facility Management Conference in Europe


Join us on March 6-7, 2024, as World Workplace Europe returns to the impressive city of Rotterdam, Netherlands, at the Schiecentrale. 

World Workplace stands as the original, comprehensive event dedicated to the realm of facilities and their management. It offers valuable programming for facility management professionals at all stages of their careers and spans various facility types. World Workplace Europe serves as the pinnacle for exploring groundbreaking ideas, new technologies, relevant research and global exchange of knowledge that influence the European FM industry. After successful editions in Stockholm, Barcelona, and Amsterdam, we are thrilled to once more welcome European and international participants to the vibrant city of Rotterdam.

World Workplace Europe proudly stands as the region’s largest and most esteemed conference for facility management and its associated stakeholders. Held annually, it fosters the exchange of ideas and knowledge among professionals responsible for maintaining and enhancing the built environment, ultimately ensuring smarter, more efficient, sustainable, healthier and safer facilities.

Register today and we look forward to seeing you there!

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02/15/2024 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM Unlocking New Potential through a Full Building Lifecycle Approach Webinar
Unlocking New Potential through a Full Building Lifecycle Approach Webinar

The IT Community of IFMA and Autodesk present the February Webinar event!

This virtual session will focus on current trends in the industry supporting a more unified Build Lifecycle Approach. Industry fragmentation across the AECO lifecycle has long hindered efficiency. More collaboration and data sharing are crucial steps toward extending the lifespan of buildings and reducing waste.

Join the discussion about best practices to achieve more sustainable and resource-efficient buildings.

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09/27/2023 11:30 AM - 4:15 PM
IAdea and IT Community Focus Sessions - September 27th!
Colorado Convention Center, Denver CO

Grab a spot at our exclusive experience exchange at World Workplace 2023!




The session kicks off with a networking segment featuring delectable refreshments – a chance to break the ice and bread together. This leads into a 75-minute round table discussion where you’ll engage in expert-led conversations, delve into empowering FM with technology, rotate tables for diverse insights, and culminate in sharing takeaways as a group. Don’t pass up this opportunity to enrich your grasp of cutting-edge workplace strategies.

All Attendees will be provided a generous gift bag!


IAdea CSP Meeting Room Assigned:
Location: Room 112, Lobby Meeting Level of the Colorado Convention Center


Session One – 11:30 to 1:30

  • Lunch will be provided
  • Focus Group Sponsored by NFS Technology
  • What Have We Learned from the Failures in Workplace Tech Investments?
  • This session will explore critical insights from past failures and successes in tech implementation. Concentrating on three essential areas, the discussion delves into the importance of user-centric design in technology, the role of change management and training in successful tech adoption, and the implications of selecting the right tech partner. Through an engaging round table format, participants will examine these key aspects, uncovering strategies to avoid common pitfalls and align technology investments with organizational needs and employee preferences.


Session Two – 2:30 to 4:15

  • Refreshments will be provided
  • Focus Group Sponsored by Accruent
  • The Future of Workplace Management: Leveraging AI and IoT for Seamless Space Management
  • Dive into the future of workplace management through the lens of AI and IoT. Explore how these transformative technologies are revolutionizing space utilization, accommodating dynamic needs, and enhancing employee experiences. Join us to dissect the impact of AI and IoT on flexible spaces, Facility Management, and space reservation systems. Engage with experts as they delve into optimizing workspace efficiency, making data-driven decisions, and creating adaptive environments. Unlock insights on shaping the modern workplace landscape with cutting-edge technological advancements.


For additional information please contact Sabrina Tang –

09/26/2023 - 09/29/2023
Join us at World Workplace in Denver!
Colorado Convention Center, Denver CO

If you are attending World Workplace in Denver please join us at these outstanding sessions!





Thursday – 09.28.23

1:45pm – room 207
Metrics that Matter: What to Track and How to Make your FM Data Work for You
Speaker(s): Matthew Tansey, Product Marketing Director, JLL Corrigo

1:45 – room 304
Working Smarter Through Technology – Laying the Groundwork to Implement Condition-Based Maintenance
Speaker(s):John Rimer, CFM, President, FM360 Consulting

1:45 – room 506 – 507
The Future of Work: Navigating Emerging Technologies and Leveraging Data to Win the War for Talent
Speaker(s):Kate Lister, President, Global Workplace Analytics Henry Massey Amy Forbes, Managing Director, Savills

3pm in room 501-502
Principles of Digital Interchange of Service (DIS)
Speaker(s): Erik Jaspers, IFMA Fellow, Global Product Strategy & Innovation Director, Planon Corporation Ted Ritter, IFMA Fellow, Principal, LMI360

3pm in Room 302 – 303
Cyber Security: Securing Facility Management’s Digital Transformation
Jeffrey Saunders, CEO, Nordic Foresight Stacey Shepard, PMP, President Lucian Niemeyer, CEO, Building Cyber Security Quentin Hodgson Erika Parn

3pm in Room 207
Revolutionizing Workplace Space Management: Harnessing the Power of IoT and AV Technology in Space Reservations
Speaker(s):John Wang, CEO, IAdea Corporation, Maya Setchkova. Global Director, Cuhman& Wakefiled

Friday – 09.29.23

8am in room 506-507
Agile Technology Planning: Embracing Change to Improve the Hybrid Workplace Experience
Speaker(s): Craig Park, FSMPS, Assoc. AIA, Director of Digital Experience Design, Clark & Enersen

9:15 in room 302 – 303
Digital Twins – Can we Agree on the Benefits?
Speaker(s): Maya Setchkova, Administrative Director Ted Ritter, IFMA Fellow, Principal, LMI360 Daniel Stonecipher, Head of Rivet Electric, PROCON Erik Jaspers, IFMA Fellow, Global Product Strategy & Innovation Director, Planon Corporation Colette Temmink, Chief Strategy and Product Officer, Blue Skyre, IBE Peter Costanzo, FMP, MBA, Director, ROI Consulting Group Geoff Williams, IFMA Fellow, CFM, FMP, SFP, Principal, GDW Consulting

10:30am in room 501 – 502
Enhancing Building Technology, Revenue, and Resilience in an Interconnected World
Speaker(s): Lucian Niemeyer, CEO, Building Cyber Security Stacey Shepard, PMP, President EJ von Schaumburg, Co-CEO, Red Bison Fred Gordy, Director, OT Risk Assessment, Michael Baker International

10:30am in room 506 – 507
From Pilot to National Portfolio: How Liberty Mutual Implemented Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) for Proactive Maintenance, Energy Savings, and Comfort
Speaker(s): Jacob Schneider, CEM, LEED AP, Workplace Operations Manager, Liberty Mutual Insurance Co. Andrew DelPrete, Sr. Manager Workplace Operations, Liberty Mutual Insurance Co. Alex Grace, VP, Business Development, Clockworks Analytics

10:30am in room 205
The Missing Ingredient Needed to Refocus and Rationalize the Future Workplace
Speaker(s): Brian Haines, B.Arch, Chief Strategy Officer, FM:Systems

06/01/2023 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM
Webinar - Unlocking Business Value Using Digital Transformation for Facility Management Service Delivery

Webinar - Digital Transformation for FM Service Delivery

Explore how data technology and automation trends are driving digital transformation in the facilities services industry. Advantages of a 360-degree operating model: improved profitability, better customer experience with real-time visibility, and more streamlined back-office operations.  During the 45-minute webinar, we will explore:

  1. How data technologies and automations are driving digital transformation: Learn how cutting-edge technologies are reshaping the way facility management services are delivered.
  2. Advantages of a 360-degree view of business operations: Gain valuable insights into the benefits of a comprehensive view of your operations, including enhanced decision-making, improved efficiency, and reduced downtime.
  3. Key components to establish a robust digital ecosystem: Discover the essential elements necessary to build a strong and adaptable digital infrastructure that supports your growth and success.
  4. Strategies and best practices for a data-driven approach: Explore practical strategies and proven best practices for utilizing data-driven insights to optimize your operations and drive continuous improvement.
  5. Success stories from industry-leading facilities services companies: Hear inspiring success stories from forward-thinking organizations that have successfully transformed their operational models through digital innovation.

Featured Presenters:    


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01/25/2023 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Geo BIM: Digital Technology Solutions to Transform GIS & BIM Operations

Join us on January 25th!

Please click here to register

New year, new solutions! When you can visualize your assets, you can better understand how your facility functions and how to better manage your resources. Learn how GeoBIM technology solutions can unlock new possibilities for smarter facilities management.

Join Marc Goldman (Esri), Mark Mergenshroer (Autodesk Tandem), and Chris Lorrain (LandTech) for a discussion on how organizations can incorporate and bridge the gap between GIS and BIM for the better:

• Real-time visualization utilizing 3D maps, point cloud & analytics dashboards
• Increase operational efficiencies and reduce maintenance costs
• Enable space use optimization and real-time wayfinding
• Support and enhance data integration for strategic decision making
• Manage existing infrastructure and plan for future development

Register today for this IFMA Information Technology Community (ITC) solutions webinar, sponsored by LandTech

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For more information on sponsorships and how to get involved with the IT Community please contact

10/19/2022 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Digital Twin Trends Webinar

Are Digital Twins really a practical & affordable solution for Facility Managers?

Does the marketplace have clarity on what the definition of a Digital Twin is?

Please join our international panel of experts for a lively discussion on the business benefits of Digital Twins. We will be sharing the summary results of the IT Community of IFMA’s Annual Survey and discussing how the market is evolving.

We look forward to seeing you on October 19th at 1pm EDT. Please click here to register

Our presenters are:

Melanie Stone – ROI Consulting

Erik Jaspers – Planon

Mark Mergenschroer – Autodesk

Christopher Lorrain – LandTech Consultants

Brett Spindler – Schneider Electric

09/27/2022 - 09/30/2022 12:00 AM World Workplace Nashville
World Workplace Nashville

IFMA’s World Workplace has been leading groundbreaking discussions and discoveries related to FM and the built environment for 40+ years. Hosted by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), World Workplace facilitates idea sharing and best-practice exchange between all professionals who support the built environment. Please join fellow IT Community Members at these sessions!

Thursday, September 29th 3:00pm
The Fundamentals of AV Technologies for Facility Managers
Ted Ritter, LMI360
Colette Temmink, Blue Skyre IBE
Geoff Williams, Angus Consulting
Cassie Wells, CCS Presentation Systems

Thursday, September 29th 4:30pm
Reimagining Buildings with AI and Digital Technologies
Sudhi Sinha, UL

Friday, September 30th 8:00am
How to Buy your Next FM IT Solution
Jake Smithwick, University of North Carolina

Friday, September 30th 8:00am
Silicon Valley Clean Water Case Study:
Improving Project Delivery Through an Integrated Digital Twin
Howard Shotz, Parsons

Friday, September 30th 9:15am
The Digitization Journey: Fundamentals That Every FM Needs to Know!
Ted Ritter, LMI360
Rebeca Arguedas, United Facility Services
Susan Au, Cushman & Wakefield
Luis Vina, CBRE

Friday, September 30th 10:45am
The Devil is in the Details: How Asset Data Collection & Management Determines Facility Management Success
Nathanael Benton, Partner Engineering and Science, Inc.

Friday, September 30th 10:45am
Confidence Out of Chaos: Planning Against an Ever-Shifting, Unknown World of Work
Brian Haines, FM Systems

Friday, September 30th 12:00pm
A Practical Approach to Hybrid Workplace Technologies
Peter Costanzo, ROI Consulting
Ted Mort, Vigilant Consultants
Joachim Hohmann, IFMA Fellow
Ed Buckley, TD Industries

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