Day One Schedule – SHIFT Happens: Communities Coming Together to Discuss the Big Shifts

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Date(s) - 10/03/2018
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Charlotte Convention Center



Day One Schedule - SHIFT Happens: Communities Coming Together to Discuss the Big Shifts

Join us one or both days in the Expo Hall for this free event. IT, REAL, ESUS and WE come together to discuss the “SHIFT HAPPENS: Communities Coming Together to Discuss the Big Shifts” happening in each community along with overlaps into other communities. Join us for this first-ever community cross-over!

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Day One Schedule:

1:00 PM – Welcome, Introductions, Agenda: Better together!

1:05 PM – Imagining a Successful Future State! : Build upon the AI – Imaginator section with all 4 CoP integrated Speaker: Bill Jensen

1:20 PM – Audience participation: MENTI Questions

1:30 PM – Exploring 3 Top Shifts: Sustainability Speaker: Dean Stanberry

  • Renewable Energy & Smart Buildings
  • Converting Data to Information and information to insight
  • Wellness/Well-being

1:50 PM – Exploring 3 Top Shifts: Technology Speaker: Ted Ritter 

  • IoT impacts
  • AI and Analytics (How to deal with it)
  • Cyber Security

2:10 PM – Exploring 3 Top Shifts: Real Estate Speaker: Joseph Poskie

  • Optimization of Building Performance
  • Urbanization
  • Space as a Service

2:30 PM – Exploring 3 Top Shifts: Workplace Speaker: Kate North 

  •  Holistic Human Experience:
    • Why? – talent, productivity, engagement.
    • What is human X? – WB, IoT
    • How – integrated learn from Co-Work, X Manager
  • Metrics & Measuring What Matters:
    • HR
    • IT
    • IoT/data
    • Brand
    • Sustainability
  • Workplace Resiliency: Future proofing

2:50 PM – Break

3:00 PM –World Café: Participants sharing their stories

  • Question: Based upon these SHIFTs, what do we need in order to achieve a successful future state?
    • What role can the Communities play to ensure we are prepared?
    • How can we be better together?
    • This could become a roadmap for the communities in 2018.

3:45 PM –Facilitator Shout Outs

3:55 PM – Brainstorm: Giving these findings, what can the communities do to support these desired needs?

4:10 PM – Join our communities: Benefits and how to

  • Sign up for IFMA Memberships with IFMA available staff

4:30 PM – Tee up Thursday session, Conclude/Wrap up  Speakers: CoP Leaders 

4:45 PM – Wednesday Session Ends