Optimizing Building Management with a Lifecycle Approach

Thursday, December 7th, 2023

With the building industry facing new efficiency and sustainability challenges, this report explores the crucial role facility managers can play in fostering better collaboration across the architecture, engineering, construction, and operations (AECO) lifecycle.

Industry fragmentation across the AECO lifecycle has long hindered efficiency. More collaboration and data sharing are crucial steps toward extending the lifespan of buildings and reducing waste.

One significant obstacle to change is the siloed nature of data and teams throughout the building lifecycle. Even though multiple stakeholders produce huge amounts of data, it is often created in silos and using different data formats. 95% of data generated through the construction process is lost and not shared downstream in operations1. This creates inefficiencies and impedes valuable collaboration.

Software providers are drawing on the advances of the cloud to improve information exchanges across design, construction, and operations. One of the most exciting new technologies having an impact today is digital twins, with immense potential to serve as a digital thread throughout the AECO lifecycle.

This report analyzes these trends and presents practical recommendations to empower facility managers to play a key role in bridging gaps throughout the building lifecycle. We appreciate the close collaboration between Autodesk and the IT Community Teams.

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