Day Two Schedule – SHIFT Happens: Communities Coming Together to Discuss the Big Shifts

Thursday, August 9th, 2018

Join us one or both days in the Expo Hall for this free event. IT, REAL, ESUS and WE come together to discuss the “SHIFT HAPPENS: Communities Coming Together to Discuss the Big Shifts” happening in each community along with overlaps into other communities.

Day Two Schedule:

9:30 AM – Welcome: Highlights from Wednesday 

9:40 AM – Goals in the Age of Resiliency Speaker/Style: REAL 

  • UN Sustainability Goals
  • Resiliency Goals
  • Driving Down Costs of Everything – Presentation/Panel

10:25 AM – Transition 

10:28 AM – Leveraging Technologies to Accelerate Human Experience Speaker/Style:WE

  • Case Study & Panel

11:13 AM – Transition

11:16 AM –  YP Views on Technology Speaker/Style:IT 

  • Digital Evolution:
    • Who owns it?
    • How do they embrace the data, analytics?

12:01 PM – Transition

12:04 PM –  Survival Skills for FM Speaker/Style: ESUS

  • Adoption
  • Core competencies

12:49 PM – Community Highlights: Join a Community today! – Video 

1:15 PM – Key take-aways  Speaker/Style: CoP Leaders 

1:00 PM – Conclude and to sessions