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The Information Technology Community is dedicated to the continuous improvement of the facility management profession through development, exploration and analysis of technology tools, solutions, methods, education, and sharing these findings to the profession. We continuously answer the question:

“How does Technology Support the Commercial Built Environment, CRE & FM?”

Technology Leads the Future of the Built Environment

We are aligned with the IFMA Vison and Mission Statements and fully support them with a focus on the application of relevant & appropriate technologies.


Lead the future of the built environment to make the world a better place.


We advance our collective knowledge, value, and growth for Facility Management professionals to perform at the highest level.


Check out some of our publications

  • The Facility Managers Guide to Information Technology 2nd
  • A New Era in Commercial Buildings Efficiency and Service
  • The Facility Managers Guide to Information Technology Module 1
  • Optimizing the Workplace through Technology
  • The Facility Managers Guide to Audio Visual Technology


Please click here to download our Community Overview. or click here for the top 10 reasons to join the ITC!

Get connected with us on LinkedIn or give us a call, we’re looking forward to hearing from you, seeing you online or meeting you at the next event.


Ed Buckley

"We sponsor the IT Technology Community because this is an important area of our profession and we want to make sure it has the resources to continue benefitting the membership."

Ed Buckley

Facilities Leader, TD Industries
Dallas, TX USA

Colette Temmink

"One of the most valuable aspects of being part of the ITC is working together with industry peers and subject matter experts on the advancement of technology to improve building operations."

Colette Temmink

Chief Operating Officer, SMS Assist
Palm Springs, California, USA

Ted Ritter

"Being part of a Global Community that has a common purpose and set of interests is quite rewarding. Our members and subject matter experts continuously help us answer the fundamental question: 'How does technology support CRE & FM'?"

Ted Ritter

LMI360, Principal
Tempe, Arizona, USA

Erik Jaspers

"The profession of FM is digitizing in many ways, touching many facets of the profession. Developments and innovations in IT are evolving with unprecedented speed. As a result, a host of products from a variety of vendors comes available in our space. The unique position of the IT Community is to provide a view around the dominant IT developments as relevant for FM and in that sense support sensible digitization initiatives for FM professionals."

Erik Jaspers

Chief Strategy Officer, Planon
Nijmegen. Netherlands

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