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The Information Technology Community is dedicated to the continuous improvement of the facility management profession through exploration and analysis of technology tools, solutions, methods, education, and communicating these findings to the profession. We continuously answer the question: “How does Technology Support the Commercial Built Environment, CRE & FM?”

Since 2009 we have participated in every Facility Fusion and World Workplace and have contributed over 160 presentations to the marketplace. We work hard to provide online content in the form of Webinars and Virtual Conferences.

Our members have authored and evolved the Facility Manager’s Guide to Information Technology in conjunction with our partnership with GEFMA and it is available in hardcover and kindle versions on Amazon.

We are pleased to have released the FMIT Learning Series Module 1 in 2021 and will be offer two additional Modules in 2022.

Please click here to download our Community Overview.

We aligned with the IFMA Vison and Mission Statements and fully support them with a focus on the application of relevant & appropriate technologies.


Lead the future of the built environment to make the world a better place.


We advance our collective knowledge, value, and growth for Facility Management professionals to perform at the highest level

Get connected with us on LinkedIn or give us a call, we’re looking forward to hearing from you, seeing you online or meeting you at the next event.

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