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Technology Articles and Presentations

Operational Agility in the Current Marketplace – Presentation (November 2021)
KPI’s & Governance – Seven Secrets to Success – Presentation (November 2021)
Hybrid Work the Role of Technology in Creating the new Workplace Experience – Presentation (October 2021)
Four Views on PropTech & How it Impacts CRE & FM – Presentation (October 2021)
Making Sense of Sensors – Presentation (2021)
Developing an IT Roadmap for Facility Managers – Presentation (April 2021)
Save My Seat: A Return-to-Work App Focused on Employee Safety – Article (November 2020)
Leveraging Existing EAM System to Support Covid-19 Response – Article (November 2020)
Developing a COVID-19 Return to Work Plan – Article (October 2020)
The Evolution of the Office: Learning from the Present & Re-Imagining the Future – Article (September 2020)
How Do We Get Feedback from Employees & Measure Satisfaction? – Article (August 2020)
Global Tech: A Data Driven Approach to Re-Boarding – Article (August 2020)
The BETA One Day – Article (July 2020)
The Digital Transformation – Article (March 2020)
ARC: Facilities Technology Trends & Buying Best Practices – Research (2018)
Welcome to the IoT Era – White Paper (2018)
RICS: Strategic Facility Management Framework – Article (2018)
5 Ways to Improve the Employee Experience when using Mtg Rm Technology – Article (2018)
Raising the Bar 3 – Research (2017)
Cyber Threat and The FM Solution – White Paper (2017)
Artificial Intelligence: What It Means for the Built Environment – Research (2017)
What Kind of Access Control is Right for You – Article (2016)
Cracks in the Cloud – Blog Post (2016)
GIS Best Practices for Facilities Management – White Paper (2015)
BIM Evolving Technologies Benchmarking (2013)
BIM Master Planning for 72 Million Square Feet – White Paper (2013)
Trends Shaping the IT Market – Article (2012)
ROI in the Clouds – Article (2012)
Increasing Worker Engagement through Environment, Policy and Technology – White Paper (2012)
IFMA & BIM for Life Cycle Management – White Paper (2012)
How IT Has Transformed the FM Industry – Article (2012)
High-performance Buildings Need High-performance FM – White Paper (2012)
Facility Management and the Master Service Catalog – Article (2012)
Emerging Technology FM Implications – White Paper (2012)
Buildings in the Cloud FM Online in 3D – White Paper (2012)
Quick Response Codes and Facility Management (2012)
Making Sense of BIM for FM Managing for the Building Life Cycle – White Paper (2011)
BIM for FM – Presentation (2011)
Trends and Developments within FM – White Paper (2010)
CAFM Systems I Scream We All Scream for Credible Data – White Paper (2010)
How University Realized Drastic Savings Thru Innovative Control System – White Paper (2009)
Critical CMMS Launch Timing – Webinar Presentation (2009)
Building a Sustainable Plan – Webinar Presentation (2009)
Facilities Technology – Presentation (2008)
Corporate Facilities Council PDAs and Wireless Facilities – Presentation (2008)
Data Centers (2007)